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The singer flaunted her baby bulge while out in New York City with her rapper boyfriend over the weekend. Rihanna is obsessed with children. The 33-year-old “Diamonds” singer and fashion mogul is expecting her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky. Over the weekend, the couple was seen in New York City, where Rihanna flaunted her baby belly while wearing a long pink jacket. Her enormous jacket had been unbuttoned at the bottom, revealing her developing bump, which was adorned with a gold cross and sparkling jewels. The rapper kisses the soon-to-be mom on the forehead in one of the lovely photographs, which were taken in Harlem, where A$AP Rocky grew up, while they enjoy a snowy walk outside. In May, A$AP Mob released Rocky described Rihanna as the “love of my life” in an interview with GQ. When asked how he felt in a relationship, he replied, “It’s a huge improvement. It was so much better once you found ‘the One.’ She’s probably the same as a million of the others. I believe that once you know, you know. She’s the only one who can help you.” When it comes to fatherhood, A$AP Ferg knows what he’s talking about. Rocky, 33, believes that starting a family is “definitely in my destiny.” He phrased it thus way at the time: “I believe I would be a great, remarkable, and all-around amazing father. I’d have an extremely feisty kid. Very.”

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