Veronica singing her new song at her Hawassa concert

These modes form the foundation of both melody and linear harmony, and when joined with rhythm, they created a space for music with a much broader scope than what we give now. This scope is nothing less than soul-forming. The only thing that seems certain is that the soul is alive and that it is the mix of matter and spirit in some way. The method in which a person walks can reveal the point of junction between the physical and the spiritual, or the interface between the sensation of literal movement in sight and sound and the intangible personality, mood, and emotional condition of the walker. Observers form different assumptions about the walker’s mental state based on the walking pace. Plato appears to advocate nothing less than government-run musical censorship. Our present-day enlightened acceptance of all musical manifestations is not so much the outcome of a hard-fought war for individual freedom as it is a result of the idea that music lacks such soul-shaping and soul-affecting powers. If we truly felt that music trained the future generation to be dissolute, reckless, and cowardly, we may restrict music. The act of listening to music is distinct from the act of listening to noises in general. The distinction is that we listen to sounds in order to identify the source of the sound, but we do not listen to music in order to hear an oboe or a guitar performing. Instead, we listen to hear the music it produces. We may realize that the sound is produced by an oboe, but we want to know what it is playing. There is a source, but the sequencing of the sounds themselves has significance.

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