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VOA about the Adigrat university

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EHRC has given today a 6-point ‘Common liberties Agenda for the 2021 Election’ which calls for public vow from all partners taking part in the political race, and ideological groups, government bodies, urban culture and media associations specifically, to regard, secure and guarantee their usage.

As indicated by an official statement the commission shipped off ENA, the Agenda approaches ideological groups and partners to vow for solid common freedoms activities, immovably focus on basic liberties, guarantee sex responsiveness of the whole political race measure.

attempt a thorough survey of all legitimate, strategy and regulatory issues that cause basic liberties infringement, regard opportunity of development, affiliation, articulation and the privilege to data and, specifically, to completely cease from inciteful or potentially derisive discourse and demonstrations of brutality.

EHRC Chief Commissioner Daniel Bekele said it is essential to make common liberties a focal plan of the impending decisions and encouraged all partners to focus on the issues.

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