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VOA interview with Getachew Reda

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Since its beginning, the connection between Egypt and Ethiopia has gone through various stages. This relationship took a positive step with Egypt’s Officials perceiving the arrangement, wherein Ethiopia got the go-ahead from both Egypt and Sudan, to build a dam on the Nile River. Ethiopian authorities at the time dismissed the recommendations and blamed Egypt for attempting to politicize the circumstance as opposed to adhering to specialized arrangements. Indeed, during their most recent gathering of Water Ministers in Cairo, Ethiopia has wouldn’t examine the proposition made by Egypt.

In a question and answer session two or three weeks prior, Sileshi Bekele (Ph.D.), Minister of Water, Irrigation, and Energy, wildly scrutinized the Egyptian media for sensationalizing the issue and said that Egypt’s arrangement including the volume of water it needs the Dam to deliver yearly, as unseemly. “The proposition from Egypt was singularly settled. It didn’t think about our past arrangements,” he said.

The Minister likewise named the new film from the Egyptian side as an attack against Ethiopia’s sway. “An Egyptian master can’t handle our dam,” Sileshi said portraying the Egyptian arrangement as a likely infringement of Ethiopia’s sway. “Egypt, from a functional perspective, requests the base yearly arrival of 40 billion cubic meters of water from the GERD,” he said adding, “This is unseemly.”

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