Vocalist Tadele Roba surprised his wife after they had their new baby

It seems like just yesterday that you were ‘aww-ing’ at your adorable child holding hands with another child at the nursery. They’re holding hands once more in secondary school, but this time things might get serious. We are all aware that our teenagers will probably experience romantic love at some point. However, parents frequently feel perplexed when this occurs… which is unusual, right? All of us have experienced adolescence. We’ve all experienced secret crushes, blushing, first timid declarations of love, a sense that something special was happening, and that first, thrilling physical touch from a romantic interest. The sly kindergartener who sneaks a kiss makes us chuckle. In this social media age, we post videos of our cheeky kindergarteners kissing each other and, if we don’t have a toddler to send to daycare, we laugh and share videos of other people’s kids being cheeky. Constantly bombarding our teenagers with subliminal messages about how to behave are carefully crafted mashups of boys and girls on billboards, writhing, jiggling entertainers, and influencers on social media.
They ought to be attractive or at the very least sexy. Being non-binary is difficult enough without having to ‘like’ your opposite gender. While attempting to do all of this, they anticipate finding love at first sight. That kind of romance is meant to endure forever.

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