Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Watch this amazing wedding ceremony

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West Tigray came under the control of the defense. They urged the government to continue law enforcement measures against the TPLF Junta and pledged support to the national military forces for the realization of law and order in the country.

Mayor of Jimma town, Tijani Nasir appreciated the commitment of the troops National Defense Force to ensure law and order despite difficulties. The Mayor reaffirmed the commitment of residents of Jimma town and the city administration to support the successfulness of the military mission being carried out by the Defense Forces.

Semera and Logia towns of Afar Regional State are also among the places which experienced the Anti-TPLF Junta rally where participants denounced the betrayal of the rebel group and pledged all the necessary support to the national army till law and order is ensured accordingly.

Demonstrators who took part in the Anti-TPLF rally at Jimma Stadium called the treachery the TPLF Juna committed on the Defence Force unacceptable and they described the treason as “a manifestation of an atrocious intention aimed to dismantle the nation.”

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