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Ways to know what she is thinking about you

You think you like a girl, but you’re not sure if she feels the same way. Although you’ve made some attempts, it doesn’t appear that anything has changed. It’s hard to read her; it seems like she’s not even responding to your advances—but has she? If you’re too caught up in your own thoughts and worrying about the whole thing, you might miss her cues that she has about you. She may have hinted at her liking you back before, but you may not have noticed because you were unaware of it. It has happened before that while going about your daily activities, you would suddenly notice that she had sent you a photo. Then she says that it made her think of you. It might have been a passage from a book you once shared with her or a reference to an upcoming occasion you want to go to. Whatever it is, you can be certain that it conveys the message that she was thinking of you. Whether it was something you said or wanted to do, she remembered you. It would also be very revealing that she thinks about you more than you might realize if she said that hearing someone laugh made her think of you. In a room, you are seated across from one another. Nearly every time you look up from what you’re doing, you meet her gaze. Check to see how frequently she engages in this behavior. It’s also possible that she was staring at you a lot because you were standing in front of a sign she wanted to read or because you were sporting a brightly colored outfit that would draw attention. However, if you catch her staring at you in spite of none of that, it might be a sign that she is considering you.

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