We are going to eat burger and pizza the whole year

These eight useful suggestions can guide you in choosing healthier foods and cover the fundamentals of healthy eating. The secret to a balanced diet is to ingest the proper number of calories for your level of activity, balancing the amount of energy you take in with the amount you expend. You will gain weight if you consume more food or liquid than your body requires since the extra energy is stored as fat. You will lose weight if you consume too little food and liquids. To ensure that you are eating a balanced diet and that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs, you should eat a variety of foods. Just a little bit more than one-third of your diet should consist of starchy carbohydrates. Potatoes, bread, rice, pasta, and cereals are among them. Select products with more fibre or wholegrain content, including wholewheat pasta, brown rice, or potatoes that still have their skins on. Compared to white or refined starchy carbohydrates, they have more fiber and can make you feel fuller for longer. With each main meal, try to incorporate at least 1 starchy food. Although some individuals believe that starchy meals make you fat, they actually contain less calories per gram of carbohydrate than fat. Watch the fats you add when preparing or serving these kinds of foods because they are what raises the calorie count, such as oil on chips, butter on toast, and creamy sauces on pasta. You should consume at least 5 portions of different fruits and vegetables each day, according to recommendations. They can be juiced, dried, tinned, frozen, or fresh.

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