We are happy we finally found our daughter

My daughter used to climb onto my lap when she was younger and was feeling low or insecure. She would then tuck her head into my tummy. I would encircle her in my arms. When I told her I loved her, she would always breathe deeply and relax. It appears as though all the burdens she was carrying have disappeared. She still does that, but now that she is bigger, she cuddles closer to me. Nevertheless, she still exhales the same soothing breath when I tell her I love her. Men will come and go from a girl’s life as she matures, but her father is the one man who will always be there. The father-daughter bond is crucial to his girl’s development into an adult. A father needs to be involved in his daughter’s life. “Actively interested” does not refer to the one-word response from a daughter when her father asks how her day was and they have a two-second dialogue. A parent should show interest in his daughter’s hobbies and extracurricular activities by getting involved. Take her to coin shows, for instance, if she enjoys collecting coins. Learn about rare coins online and discuss them with others. Does your daughter have any talent for sports like volleyball? Whether she wants to participate in the games or just enjoys watching them, become a fervent supporter and fan! Learn more about her life and make an effort to integrate yourself into it to show your daughter that you are interested in her. A daughter’s mother and father are the first couple she interacts with. A daughter may come to assume that is how a husband should treat his wife if she witnesses her father abusing her physically or verbally. But a father who shows genuine respect for his wife and physical affection for her sets a wonderful example that his daughter will want to follow in her own life.

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