We are in Turkey….Let me introduce my husband

With the availability of texting and video conferencing, it seems that maintaining a long-distance relationship is simpler than ever. The time when long-distance calls had to be restricted is long over; they are no longer considered a luxury. Couples who live apart no longer have to wait for news that is at most four days old and rely on mail delivery at 3 p.m. We are no longer even in the era of waiting for our family members to check their email after work. Even while we are out shopping, working, playing, watching a movie, and doing much more, instant messaging keeps us connected to one another. However, as anyone in a long-distance relationship will tell you, technology cannot make up for everything in a long-distance relationship. Despite the lack of constant physical presence, many long-distance relationships nonetheless appear emotionally challenging. People frequently believe that long-distance relationships cannot succeed. Your loved ones might advise against it, and some of your closest friends might advise against taking it too seriously in case you end up heartbroken. No one can guarantee it will be simple; the additional distance prevents many things from being doable. You might experience moments of loneliness and sadness as well as a confusing situation. However, the extra distance also enhances the sweetness of the little things. Holding hands, sharing a meal at the same table, experiencing each other’s touch, going for a walk together, and even smelling each other’s hair—these seemingly insignificant desires could suddenly mean a lot more in a long-distance relationship.

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