We are married and we have 4 children

The issue with the phrase “unconditional love” is that each person’s interpretation of it will be different. And this is where things may become a bit tricky since it might cause us to have inflated expectations for either our partners or ourselves. It could entail standing up for a friend whether or not they are in the wrong for some people. Others may interpret it as being the “responsible one” and criticizing a friend when they’re acting inexplicably. Up any case, the true issue is giving in to the fragility of unconditional love. Anyone and anyone in any relationship is capable of unconditional love. You name it: friendships, sexual partnerships, parent-child connections, etc. Even our dogs display this kind of affection. Unconditional love is that you have no hidden agenda or unstated expectation of recompense from the other person. No restrictions. just love Giving care to another person without considering how doing so could benefit you in the future is a completely unselfish act. You merely honestly wish to care for, love, and assist someone! And that’s absolutely incredible. It’s one of the nicest presents you could give someone. The nicest feeling is when this person is able to return your unconditional love, as it indicates that you are on the right path to building a strong and fulfilling relationship.

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