We are not together as lovers

Love is compassionate and patient, therefore always make fun of your husband. This quick rhyme ought to give you a decent idea of what we’ll be talking about in this topic. No, not quite, but pranks to play on your partner or girlfriend come close to being relationship objectives. We have gathered the top pranks to pull on your loved ones since funny pranks are what make long-lasting relationships strong. Furthermore, you don’t even need to wait until April 1st to pull off these practical jokes! This collection will undoubtedly provide you with some creative prank ideas on how to liven up any situation, from funny jokes like adopting a wild coyote to hilarious treasure hunts and celebratory cakes congratulating on healthy flatulence. Shaving foam, shower gel, or anything soft, fill a pair of his shoes. When he puts on a sneaker and discovers something soft inside, watch his surprise! Make sure to use a worn-out, cheap pair of shoes that he doesn’t particularly like. Sending your partner some explicit messages will turn him on. Ask him if he would want to see some stunning nude photos when he is hot. Send images of “nude” lipstick colours if he replies “yes.” You can play an amusing little text-based prank on your boyfriend.

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