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We are not what they say we are

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Guaranteeing children’s advantages is crucial for their perseverance, prosperity, and flourishing, yet a considerable number of young people stay at risk for fierceness, abuse and abuse, and harmful practices.

An overabundance of 48% of Ethiopia’s general population of over 94.3 million are adolescents developed 18 and under. According to the 2016 Ethiopia Demographic and Health Survey (EDS), practically 25% of young women and women developed 15-49 have experienced genuine brutality since age 15, and 10 percent reported having experienced sexual violence. Help-pursuing behavior is low: only 25% of young women and women who had experienced any sort of physical or sexual hostility had searched for help while 66% have neither searched for help nor taught anyone concerning the violence. How much young fellows experience violence is dark as the 2016 EDS didn’t accumulate data on brutality against youngsters or men.

As per the Government’s commitment to end adolescent marriage and FGM/C by 2025, UNICEF urges the Government to draw in young women through essential capacities, legal capability, and information, changing neighborhood family guidelines, further developing help transport, and making evidence through assessment and investigation.

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