We are on the street giving 40,000 birr for strangers

A great way to spread kindness and develop yourself is by helping others. It’s one of the best things you can do for both the world and your own mental health. If you’re looking for ways to assist others, you have a lot of choices. Giving support and love to a friend in need can be as effective as it is satisfying. Praise your friends, family, and coworkers for their accomplishments. This can be a minor trait, such as their smile, or a more significant trait, such as their work ethic. They will feel more confident in their abilities and themselves when you recognize their strengths. Being around supportive people makes it easier for you to help others because they boost your self-esteem. They give you advice when you ask for it and listen to you without passing judgment. Even when they are busy, they find time for you and make every effort to assist you when a problem arises. Supportive people know how to assist you without taking over entirely or attempting to resolve everything on their own, and that’s exactly what supportive people do! Saying “thank you” or smiling at someone when they appear sad can be acts of kindness. It may also involve doing something more extensive, like volunteering or giving considerate gifts. To be kind, all you need to do is have a desire to help others and the willingness to get involved in their lives. It doesn’t cost much money or expose you in any way. It’s not always necessary to make grand gestures when assisting others. Small acts of kindness like spending five minutes with an elderly person you know who is lonely or assisting a disabled person who is having trouble boarding a bus are also important.

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