We are only allowed to love each other not get married

Someone who has a strong attraction to “forbidden love” may wind up ruining their other relationships. For instance, one of the reasons mentioned above could lead a person in a loving, healthy relationship to cheat on their partner with someone who might be inappropriate or even unhealthy for them. Or, they could end their relationship with someone they genuinely love in order to pursue a “forbidden love” in its place. A choice like this would result in the person ending a relationship that had been a positive influence in their life, which would probably be upsetting to their partner and might set off a cycle of unsatisfying relationships. Even outside of a person’s romantic relationship, actions associated to pursuing “forbidden” connections could have a severe impact on their life. For instance, if a professional engages in a love relationship with their boss out of the excitement of breaking the law, they risk losing their work, which could have a detrimental effect on their career and financial security. The human attraction with risk, sin, and adrenaline rushes is genuine, and it can be harmful to the person experiencing it or those around them. A therapist can provide you tools that may help you make better decisions for yourself if your search for “forbidden love” is motivated by concerns of abandonment, low self-esteem, substance misuse problems, or some other difficulty.

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