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If you like cooking and game shows, you need a decent competitive cooking series right now. Although some of these episodes are more dramatic than others, they still offer a look at the process that chefs use to produce culinary masterpieces. The nicest part is that they nearly never don’t have much time to finish it. Currently, Netflix has a ton of excellent cooking programs, but if you’re looking for variety, search elsewhere. While we’ve produced a list of the top 10 competitive culinary competitions currently broadcast online, if you’re feeling motivated to create your own, browse through our selection of fundamental dishes. The top chefs in America are pitted against one another in the reality cooking competition Top Chef. A series of culinary tasks are included in each episode, and one or more competitors are removed at the conclusion of each episode until there is only one victor left at the end of the season. Since its beginning, Top Chef has produced a large number of spin-offs, including Top Chef Masters and Top Chef Junior. A worldwide cooking contest called The Final Table is held. In addition to some well-known chefs, the competition involves 12 teams of cooks from around the world contending for a position at the Final Table.

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