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we are proved of the children we raised

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While the member makeup of childfree and childless couples may appear to be identical, the difficulties that each kind of family encounters are vastly different. The demographics, unique capabilities, and clinical requirements of each family system will be presented in this article, with consequences for family counselors. People meet, fall in love, get engaged, and marry in the traditional order of things. After the vows are exchanged, one of the oldest wedding traditions is to throw rice. Because of environmental concerns, we now employ rice replacements. The goal is the same whether the rice is made of rice or some other substance. It’s a fertility sign. From the start, the message is clear. The couple is expected to have children by society. Couples are under pressure to reproduce in a variety of ways after their wedding. Parents and in-laws are unequivocal in their desire for grandkids. This can be communicated in a direct or indirect manner. There are some family members who question the couple directly when they plan to have children. Others drop more subtle hints, such as inquiring when the couple expects to buy a larger home than they now have. They might say something like “the clock is ticking.” Usually, this is addressed at the wife. Friends who are married and expecting a kid or who have previously had a child may share similar concerns about having a child. The idea is that the marriage is under a lot of pressure.

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