We are thankful to you we found our family

You can’t do much more for your children than to love your wife wholeheartedly. Even if she doesn’t return the favor, show respect to the mother of your children if you’re divorced. Never bring shame upon yourself. Make sure your children are aware of your unconditional affection for them. This is not the same as being permissive. Love without conditions has no influence on undesirable behavior. Children who are confident in their father’s affection, on the other hand, tend to act out less, not more. Here, it’s about us and not the kids. Children desire a father more than they desire another friend. They are looking for someone who is responsible, deliberates, and makes difficult judgments. a reliable individual. Although “quality time” is admirable, quantity time is far superior. Schedule the time. Everybody has the same 24 hours at their disposal. Put yours to use. as much as you can. When jobs are gone and hard times occur, providing for material needs might be difficult. However, a solid household may always be created with love and care. Children value fairness, balance, accountability, and loving correction. It’s called consistency, and growing up is really challenging without well defined boundaries. Read with them instead of just to them. Focus on their homework instead of merely complaining about their grades. Don’t just talk about learning; really promote it. By participating in or organizing an All Pro Dad’s Day Breakfast, show up at their school. Raise them up well-equipped to leave home and to create faithful lives. This is the straightforward goal of being a family and parenting our kids.

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