We ate a 100 thousand birr meal…the happiest day of my life

There is no such thing as a too tiny or inconsequential act of kindness. Giving a helpful hand and being kind to a friend, family member, or neighbour can benefit everyone in the long run. You surely know someone who occasionally needs assistance with physical duties like mulching, mowing the lawn, or cleaning the gutters. Reach out and offer your assistance rather than recommending that they hire a service. While you benefit from working up a sweat, such as reduced stress levels, a better mood, and more energy, they are spared time, money, and perhaps harm. more time. The nation’s blood supply, which is essential for many medical operations and treatments, must be maintained through blood donation. Along with a brief physical that checks your body temperature, blood pressure, and pulse, you’ll also give your time, effort, and even your blood to help those who are less fortunate. If you have any questions about whether you may donate blood, please contact the American Red Cross or your neighbourhood blood bank. Boost happiness. Send a letter of gratitude and support to a close friend or family member. Was it the birthday of a friend? Has anyone lately graduated from high school or college? One of the simplest ways to have a positive impact is to write a handwritten message. It enhances the wellbeing of others and benefits your health as well. Simple deeds of kindness are associated with greater levels of enjoyment, gratitude, and contentment.

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