We celebrated my birthday and we started dating

When you start a new relationship, the emotions you go through as you get to know each other can be really exciting. The following stage of your relationship, when you’re past the “honeymoon phase,” can be just as gratifying because it’s the time to forge a stronger connection based on genuine love and trust. It’s normal to have some concerns about the future, even when there is genuine love. Is this “the one” for you? Have I discovered the “right” spouse? Questions like these, while occasionally unsettling, are totally normal, especially if you’ve already suffered the loss of a previous relationship. Your values are compatible or similar. A strong relationship between two people does not require that they have the exact same worldview or set of beliefs. However, for a relationship to continue over the long term, both people’s fundamental beliefs and the ideas and things that reflect what matters most to them must at the very least be compatible. The importance of starting a family is one of the clearest illustrations of how values determine whether you’ve found the perfect spouse. Couples who disagree on whether to have children are probably not a suitable match. Where a person lives and how they handle money are two more values that frequently need to match.

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