We didn’t expect the reaction we got

When someone makes a mistake, you have a gut feeling that they like you.
During a conflict, someone who enjoys suppressing their affections for someone is frequently the first to seek for forgiveness. Be aware that this is not a show of weakness but rather a precaution to prevent them from damaging your connection. Additionally, they don’t want to see you sad because that can make them feel the same way. At some point in our relationships, we all experience jealousy. Jealousy is one of the indications that someone is trying to hide their emotions from you. You might then question why a person who hasn’t expressed their desire for you becomes envious when they see you with other men. It’s easy. They want you to resemble the person with whom they are flirting, yet they are hesitant to date you. They want to have their cake and drink it, in other words. When someone does not express emotions and chooses to remain silent around you, this is one indication that they are suppressing their affections for you. They only want to watch you and listen to you as you go about your business. When they do finally speak, it is to check on how you are doing. Additionally, they become tense around you and forget what they were going to say because they are too busy thinking about you. Even if they normally have 100 percent confidence, when they see you, it reduces to 5%. The dread of rejection is one emotion that is psychologically suppressed. People may hide their emotions because of a fear that you won’t accept their offer if they are honest about how they feel. Even worse is when they are unsure of your feelings for them.

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