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We don’t know how we could survive this

Have you ever endured an extremely challenging circumstance that was beyond your comprehension and still trusted that God was carrying out His divine plan? something much bigger than anything your mind could ever fathom. We learn about God’s divine plan to build his great nation in Genesis, including how God could use the terrible treatment of a young man as a tool in that plan. Never forget that when we become a child of God, we are given eternal life. Today’s lesson gives us hope when we face challenges in life and shows us how God may use them to develop us, make us more mature, and benefit both us and others. All of the true stories found in God’s Word have a lesson that can be applied. Genesis 39–45 contains this real account. When Joseph was very small, his envious brothers, who said their father had been murdered by some animals, sold him to some traders. The traffickers sold Joseph to Potiphar, a wealthy guard captain for Egypt’s king Pharaoh. As a faithful servant of the Lord, Joseph kept on praying to and putting his faith in the God of his father, Jacob. Joseph was soon given control of every situation at Potiphar’s home.

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