We don’t let anybody to come between us

Every marriage is one-of-a-kind in its own right. However, there are a few warning signals and red flags that could suggest major marital issues. If you’re concerned about anything, don’t brush it aside and hope it goes away on its own. They rarely do, and if left unnoticed, they may worsen. Instead, talk to your spouse about the issues in your marriage in an open, honest, and kind manner. It’s a tough talk to have, but one that must be had. There will be ups and downs in every relationship, but there are some warning signals to watch for to determine whether they are the result of something in your marriage that isn’t functioning. Sure, some constructive criticism can be beneficial. If you send out more complaints than compliments, you’re putting yourself in danger. According to studies, keeping a relationship on good terms requires five (or more) positive exchanges for every unfavorable interaction. In the bedroom, everyone has highs and lows. If you don’t want to strip your lover naked every night, don’t be concerned. If you’re both physically capable of having sex but haven’t had it in months or even years, it could be a sign of something more serious, such a loss of emotional intimacy or romanticism. Even the healthiest marriages have their disagreements.

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