we fall in love three times in our whole life

According to research, a person can fall in love three times throughout their lives. Each of these connections, though, might take place in a different light than the one before it, and each one serves a distinct purpose. Ah, your first love, a.k.a. the happy ending to a fairytale. It is possible to fall in love for the first time as early as high school. It consumes our youth, realizes our aspirations, and leads us to believe that love should look and feel a specific way. We tell ourselves that our first love will be our last, our one and only; this is what love is meant to be. This form of love is more concerned with how others see us than with how we feel. The second love is what you may call a ‘difficult love.’ This form of love not only teaches us wonderful lessons about ourselves, but it also causes us immense suffering, the pain of betrayal, lies, and loss. We’ll think we’re doing something special with this love, but in reality, we’re not! This is the love that will guide us in our development. This love will bring you pain, which is exactly what you need in your next relationship. This love… and I know a lot of people who have been through it. It’ll keep repeating the SAME problems over and over. You think each time will be different and that you’ll get a different result, but when the cycle finishes, you’ll only be worse off.

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