We found the family of Emahoy

Loved ones will be keenly interested in the specifics of your existence. Instead of instantly turning the conversation to their own experiences, they will actively listen by asking questions and delaying their turn to speak. Instead of getting brushed off with a disinterested “Uh huh” or “Wow, that sucks,” you get the impression that they genuinely care. Even while they might not hear or recall every word you say, they usually have a good understanding of the things that matter most to you, such as your preferences and dislikes, aspirations and anxieties, relationships with friends and family, and so on. Partners in a happy relationship acknowledge both the good and the negative. No matter how much you and your spouse have in common, you will not always feel the same way since you are different people. Your unique thoughts and emotions will be accepted as an integral part of who you are by someone who loves you. They may respectfully argue with you, but they won’t force you to agree with them; instead, they’ll express curiosity in your viewpoint. When requested, a supportive spouse may provide direction and counsel, but they won’t attempt to dictate your decisions or conduct. Additionally, they won’t withhold their support or criticism from you until you concur with them. Generally speaking, you’ll feel at ease after coming to an understanding.

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