We gave birth after 23 year of marriage

It can be difficult to consider that you and your husband could not live happily ever after when you’re engrossed in the excitement of your wedding. But if you’ve never been in a serious relationship before, it might be difficult to share your life with someone else. Marriages require effort, dedication, and love, but respect is also necessary for them to be successful and truly happy. It takes work to create a loving, respectful marriage. Both partners must contribute in some way. One of the best methods to maintain a happy and successful marriage is to talk to your spouse. When communicating, be nice and respectful while being honest about how you’re feeling. Being a good listener and taking the time to learn what your spouse needs and wants from you are both important components of effective communication. Keep the lines of communication open by conversing frequently about topics other than the kids and money. Share your ideas and emotions. Respect one another, your union, your family, and your shared existence. When your partner performs the grocery shopping, dinner preparation, schoolwork assistance, or childcare, express your appreciation. Spending a few minutes each night telling each other at least one thing you valued about the day might be helpful. It’s simple to lose the romantic element when you have to balance work and family obligations. Schedule important occasions, whether you want to go out or remain in. Send your kids on a play date if you have kids so you can unwind, chat, and enjoy one other’s company. Both pair time and solo time are crucial. Everyone needs downtime to rest, reflect, and engage in hobbies. When you’re married, especially if you have children, that time is frequently lost.

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