We had a great time at Tis Abay

A 42m-high drop is created as the Blue Nile river, which rises from the neighboring Lake Tana, falls over it, creating a brilliant display of mist and rainbows. It is simple to understand why locals refer to the area as “Tis Abay,” which in Amharic means “the Great Smoke,” during the rainy season when the falls are at their most powerful. The routes that lead to the falls pass through lovely, lush scenery and over the first bridge to cross the Blue Nile, built in the seventeenth century. There are a few options, and it takes about an hour each trip. You may explore the Blue Nile Falls from Bahir Dar, a charming village on the beaches of Lake Tana. On Ethiopia’s northern tour, Bahir Dar frequently serves as the starting point. From here, you can take a boat journey on Lake Tana to visit the historic island monasteries before leaving in the afternoon to see the falls. If you enjoy bird watching, the area around the falls is an excellent place to go (don’t forget your binoculars!). The wattled ibis is one of many indigenous species that can be found there.

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