We have a lot of people dancing at our wedding

Nobody imagined me to be a composed bride. Not me, with my overstuffed three-ring wedding planner and my speed-dialed number for my clothing shop. On my big day, though, I wanted to be the starring lady, not the stage director. “I will not freak out on my wedding day” is my motto. I’m glad I was able to maintain my composure and enjoy myself. Yes, even to the point where I couldn’t find my brother one of the groomsmen when I got to the church. He was left stranded without a ride when the limo left the hotel despite all of my preparations. The ceremony began late since he arrived at the church finally, but it wasn’t a complete disaster. If you have all the details down pat before the big day, you will feel more at peace. Establish a filing system to organize your contracts, invoices, and notes as soon as you begin preparing. Give your vendors any particular instructions and directions to the ceremony and/or reception locations a few weeks before to the wedding. Next, get in touch with them a few days before to your affair to discuss the specifics. Take your time in identifying the best wedding professionals in the area. Examine their references and look over some of their past work. Try to get a taste of the cake and cuisine that will be served at your reception by seeing your DJ or band perform at another event.

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