We have a surprise for Tigi….I brought her and we got married

Give your loved one a riddle to solve every day to let them know that you have huge plans for them. Do this a week or more in advance of the trip to give them time to try to figure out what you have up your sleeve. Write the puzzles on notes and hide them throughout the house on a random basis. To cheer them up, text a clue to them in the midst of the day. You may make the puzzles as simple or complex as you desire; just remember to consider your loved one’s age. Find five or more boxes that can be placed within one another. The smallest box should include the travel tickets. Then, individually wrap each box, putting one inside the other after wrapping the outside. The cake is one of the finest aspects about birthdays. Your loved one will undoubtedly be aware that they will receive cake, but they won’t anticipate a personalised message on it! You can write the message yourself using icing gel or have the bakery do it. If you want to surprise a loved one with a multigenerational or group excursion, have a family member or friend call them or knock on their door. They won’t anticipate the big reveal because they’ll be so shocked by the unexpected call or visit! Try using Cameo, a personalised video service, to engage your loved one’s favourite influencer or celebrity. Just pay the influencer or celebrity using the service, then request that they mention the trip in their message.

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