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Spend no attention on feeling guilty or ashamed of your emotions. Spend your energy instead on taking proactive steps to mend and feel better. Think about setting aside 10 to 15 minutes every day to recognize and experience your melancholy. If you focus on it, you can notice that it appears less and less during the day. Engaging in activities can be a convenient way to divert your attention during trying times. Even while this could be beneficial, make sure you’re still giving yourself time to unwind and process your emotions. You could feel as though you’ve lost a lifetime of customs and rituals if you’ve broken up with someone or lost a loved one. The holidays can be especially difficult. Participating in online or in-person support groups on a regular basis can offer a secure setting to aid with coping. Sharing your struggles and feelings with people who are going through similar things can also be therapeutic. You could feel a little uncertain of who you are and yourself after experiencing a significant loss or shift. You can achieve this through engaging with your spiritual and philosophical ideas, exercising, or spending time in nature. According to Palumbo, the more obvious kind of grieving is the loss of a loved one, but covert sadness can also manifest as the breakdown of a friendship or relationship. Alternatively, you may be embarking on a new chapter in your life by switching careers or leaving your family behind.

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