We have been friends for more than 15 years

It’s crucial to have friends with whom we have a genuine connection, yet maintaining connections with the proper individuals may be challenging. This is especially true for adults, and it’s even truer now given how much social interaction has changed. For this reason, we’ve compiled our best advice on how to improve interpersonal relationships, forge long-lasting friendships, and keep them going. Being authentically yourself is crucial if you want to forge lasting relationships with other people. You want to spend time with individuals who you connect with and who have comparable interests to you. You can only achieve this if you are open and honest with others about your true self and your interests. It can be frightening to start a new connection or relationship, but someone has to take the initiative or it won’t happen. Asking a new acquaintance to meet up socially can be intimidating, just like asking someone out on a date, but if you don’t ask, you’ll never know! When conversing with someone you want to get to know better, pay attention for opportunities to connect, such as shared interests. For instance, if they want to try going to a different pub or restaurant, suggest going there together. You could also look into something you’ve both always wanted to try, like a new class or hobby. Why not invite them over for a cup of coffee or a beer if they’re having a bad day to cheer them up? Find any justification you can to come together. It will become simpler to meet up again once you’ve done so outside of your usual context, and before you know it, you’ve made a new friend.

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