“We have been married for almost 20 years” Singer Ashebir and Minalush

Much more is needed for a marriage to succeed than just love, physical appeal, and shared interests. As many of us are aware, it is not possible to achieve perfection in a marriage or in general. Marriages that endure a lifetime demand efforts that go much further than merely having similar interests. Marriage can be satisfying, trying, difficult, and charming all at once. The concept of a perfect marriage might vary from person to person, therefore the solutions to a long-lasting marriage aren’t always obvious. However, there are characteristics shared by couples that have happy and long-lasting marriages that may be used by everyone in their personal relationships. Every relationship will experience conflict or some other kind of challenge at some point. More severe than others, some. Understanding how to compromise is the key to being resilient in the face of difficulty. A strong marriage depends on being able to work through issues as a team. In order to communicate effectively and discover common ground, it’s important to understand your partner’s wants and objectives as well as vice versa. Don’t give up in an effort to “get it over.” True compromise entails sitting down with one another, listening to each other with an open mind until everyone feels heard and understood, and then coming to a consensus TOGETHER. Men no longer conceal their feelings the way they formerly did. In times of disagreement, being aware of and in touch with your feelings and emotions can help you offer compassion to your partner. By being compassionate with your partner, you convey your love and respect for them. People are drawn together and help build the solid basis of a strong relationship through their vulnerability. We cannot be linked if we are not exposed. We are not in a real relationship if we are not connected.

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