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Married people cheat for a variety of reasons. Infidelity affects up to 40% of married couples1, and despite the high rate, most people, even those who cheat, believe that cheating is wrong. Personality disorders and childhood issues, as well as chances like social media and a lack of boundaries, can all enhance the likelihood that one of these causes will lead to an affair. Frustration in the marriage is a common cause; the cheater may attempt to solve problems multiple times without success. Perhaps they had second thoughts about getting married or were envious of the attention lavished on a new kid, but neither lacked the language skills to express their sentiments. Perhaps the straying spouse’s capacity to maintain a committed relationship is hampered by childhood baggage such as neglect, abuse, or a cheating parent. The cheater is less likely to respect monogamy, lack empathy, or simply be unconcerned about the repercussions. We’ll go through some of the risk factors and causes of cheating, but it’s vital to note that a partner does not lead their spouse to cheat. The cheater alone is accountable for cheating, whether it was a cry for help, an exit strategy, or a means of getting revenge after being cheated on. Men are more prone than women to have affairs, and they frequently seek more sex or attention. Men often don’t have the proper “feeling words” for their wives and communicate their love in a more physical way. As a result, sex becomes a crucial pathway to closeness and connection.
If males aren’t sexually pleased (for example, if their spouse refuses sex frequently), they take rejection personally, which can lead to feelings of “unloved.” Men, in fact, are more likely than women to cheat because they are insecure. When women betray, they’re usually attempting to fill a hole in their lives. 3 Women frequently express dissatisfaction with their spouses and a want to be desired and appreciated. Women are more prone than males to feel unloved or ignored, prompting them to seek emotional connection in an adulterous relationship. An affair is frequently used by a woman as a “transitional” partner in order to exit a relationship. She is seriously considering leaving her marriage, and this other individual is assisting her in doing so.

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