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We have been to different places with our son

Whatever negative things are happening to you right now, there is a reason for them all. Most of us find it difficult to think about experiences like losing a child or learning you have cancer as blessings. I am aware from own experience. At the age of 18, I experienced sexual exploitation and molestation. It took me some time to see it as a teaching moment. Your perspective on adversity will determine whether you are able to overcome the pain, uncertainty, guilt, and fear, or whether it causes you to suffer in every area of your life. When anything bad happens, you’ll find yourself in a difficult situation. Either you can see it as a benefit or you can let your history dictate how the rest of your life plays out. Choose the individuals you surround yourself with wisely. They will have an indirect impact on your view and mood. It’s crucial to surround oneself with supportive and motivating people while you’re feeling emotional. Humans adapt to their surroundings. The alteration of conduct brought on by another individual or group of people is known as conformity. It is essential for your growth to surround yourself with individuals who tolerate your flaws, blunders, and shortcomings when facing adversity. Adversity might be difficult to overcome, but it’s lot simpler to accept yourself when you have a strong support system behind you.
Write. It’s quite calming to put your thoughts on paper. No matter how brief or detailed your diary notes are, reflecting on your feelings is a benefit of journaling.

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