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we have lived 12 years together

We have been together for 12 years. A wedding is almost always a big deal, but Ethiopian weddings take things to a whole new level. A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that should be remembered for the rest of one’s life, thus it should go off without a hitch.
Ethiopian wedding customs and culture are among the most extensive on the African continent, and they have largely remained unchanged over time.
As a result, the Ethiopian wedding ceremony is truly spectacular.
Ethiopian weddings are a colorful affair due to the country’s various wedding traditions. Despite the fact that some couples prefer modern weddings, traditional Ethiopian wedding rites are still common.

After the photo session in the park, the kissing of the knee ceremony takes place. The vehicular procession is awaited by all visitors in the main hall, where the wedding is held. At the hall’s entrance, the great grandparents and grandparents, dressed in traditional garb, are seated and waiting. By kneeling low and kissing their feet, the husband and bride express their appreciation, and they are then blessed with prosperity and good health. The parents are welcome to attend the wedding if they like. The groom and bride will then proceed to the hall or site.

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