We have to choose who we fall in love with

I simply get angry with my guy occasionally. For the things he doesn’t do, not the bothersome things he does. I have this mentality that since we’ve been sharing a home for a while, he should just know what I want. On the other hand, I struggle to communicate my desires. In all honesty, I’m too proud to ask for what I want and yet be upset when it doesn’t come to me right away. Explicitness just doesn’t seem romantic to me. Unfortunately, this is what has led to the majority of our arguments. My lover is suddenly the recipient of the silent treatment, leaving him helpless and perplexed as to why I am upset once more. Being healthy can occasionally result in brief discomfort. Setting up tests for your partner really causes more harm than if you simply did the thing you were initially frightened to do. Our anxieties can occasionally be deeper ingrained and call for more than just reassurance. If you’ve tried being open with your significant other but you’re still not content, it might be wise to take some more time for introspection. Another excellent option to investigate the source of your emotions and discover new coping mechanisms is to seek the assistance of a therapist. You are not being honest with your spouse if you are testing them, and you are also not being honest with yourself.

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