We know how to be hungry….29 years of marriage

Even if both partners are millionaires, maintaining a marriage can be difficult. Things can quickly become challenging if you have financial issues. We’ve previously discussed how one spouse’s credit may cause issues, but that’s just one way money issues can strain a marriage. It’s crucial to understand the types of issues that might arise and the solutions you and your partner can employ to deal with them. We consulted experts to learn the most common reasons why couples fight about money, the types of issues that arise, and how to overcome them so that love triumphs in the end. Understanding the role that monetary difficulties play in marriage is crucial. According to Jonathan Bennett, licenced counsellor and author of The Popular Man, the majority of financial problems in marriage stem from the fact that both partners have different core financial values. Furthermore, many of these financial values were formed at a young age and are resistant to change. For instance, one partner may have been taught the value of investing and saving. Even if it means living paycheck to paycheck, the other partner may have been raised to indulge his or her whims. It is very challenging for partners who have fundamentally different perspectives on money, saving, and spending to successfully manage household finances together. The author and public speaker Frederick Towles concurred on this fundamental issue: “Financial problems can most definitely have a negative impact on a marriage.

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