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A controversy has also erupted over how disabled and non-disabled spouses represent themselves. Some couples in the United States, notably those in the disability vlogging community, have begun to use the word “interabled.” It is, however, not universally acknowledged. Some argue that it reinforces narrow-minded, medical-oriented thinking in an unhealthy way. “It’s wrong,” argues disability campaigner and broadcaster Mik Scarlet, “since it concentrates on the physical or mental disparities between the two (or more) people in a relationship.”
“Disabled people spend far too much time trying to get the rest of society to comprehend the’social model of disability,’ which indicates that we are disabled not by our body but by how society treats us, so when a concept like ‘interabled,’ it undoes a lot of that effort.” Dating is difficult at the best of times, but dating someone with a disability is rarely acknowledged due to social stigma. Hannah and Shane Burcaw, a wheelchair user, spoke out after internet remarks mocked their love. According to the couple, who live in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the knee-jerk reaction demonstrates how many people are still misled about disability and dating. She claims that “our society tells us that disabled individuals aren’t worthy partners.” “Because there is almost no positive depiction of disability or dating with a disability in our media, many people believe that handicapped people can’t possibly be in a happy, fulfilling relationship.” “This means that whenever they meet Shane and me, they concoct conspiracy theories to try to reconcile our relationship with what they’ve learned.”

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