We meet Filagot for the first after Gumma

Hard labour and knowledge of the content are both indicators of a good grade. In the short term, it demonstrates to universities that you are a good student who can flourish in the kind of demanding academic environment they provide. Long-term, achieving good grades teaches you valuable study, planning, discipline, and self-advocacy skills. These are lifelong abilities that will be useful to you even when you aren’t writing book reports and taking maths exams. Following this step-by-step plan will put you in the best possible position to succeed in your academic courses, now and in the future, whether you’re seeking to improve your current grades or are just looking towards future success. Complete the homework assignments for better grades. However, you’d be amazed at how many high school students neglect their tasks, doing them last-minute, or delaying them until the day of the test. In middle school, that might have worked, but in high school, it’s unlikely to succeed. If your class is challenging and covers a lot of material, your teacher probably expects you to pick up part of it on your own. This is a great way to be ready for college, when the amount of work you have to do outside of class will be considerably greater and your classes will meet much less frequently. Your high school professors want to get you ready for this change, so they’re urging you to keep up with and broaden your knowledge.

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