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We met in a cafe

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Positive freedom, as portrayed by Isaiah Berlin, is living as demonstrated by your own characteristics and restriction that you willingly volunteer to live according to your world. This is as opposed to negative opportunity, which implies the shortage of necessities when you’re permitted to do anything you want, without anyone directing you or not to do.


Play is the balm of life. Play gives happiness and significance to all that we do. Play uses our full frontal cortex breaking point and movements toward our body that we are not in perseverance mode. In play, we are less unyielding and prepared to expect obligation over our piece of the dynamic and creative travel through conflicts.


This thought relates to the different parts we overall have inside ourselves. The more self-states we bring to a relationship, the more self-communicates our assistant will convey to the experience. This will achieve an all the more full, more vital, and more excessive relationship.


The shadow tends to all of the bits of yourself that you accept are negative and thus deny, avoid, or continue. For example your irritation, covetousness, shortcoming, idea, and judgment. By communicating your shadow, you are moreover helping with patching your own shame, as the remedy for shame is affiliation. I’ve expanded this point in my post, If You Really Want to Feel Loved, Show Them Your Shadow!

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