We met on a video shot…..getting to know people is a little bit hard for me

Imagine content employees frolicking through their chic start-up offices before gliding smoothly into a sprint of productive work. This need not be a fantastical scenario. Many people believe that “fun” only occurs during recess, vacation, weekends, and childhood. But the word “fun” is incredibly broad. It is “what provides amusement or enjoyment,” according to Merriam-Webster. Fun is a personal and fulfilling experience, and when employees are allowed to pursue their ideas of it, the workplace benefits as well. Utilize every occasion to celebrate in order to combine elements of employee appreciation with classic office games. In order to celebrate in style, you don’t need to organize expensive parties. You only need something as straightforward as a happy hour, an ice cream social, or a carefully curated employee milestone box to get people smiling. Why we adore it: Festivities like these foster a sense of family among team members. It fosters a helpful environment of support and care. If “what provides amusement or enjoyment” is fun, then this concept addresses both issues. Making someone’s day gives the givers rewarding entertainment and enjoyment, and the recipients undoubtedly enjoy themselves as well as experience an increase in self-worth and motivation. Why we love it: You can easily generate a ton of positive recognition vibes with the aid of employee recognition software. Lunches with the team are the height of fun at work. Bring your team together for a straightforward lunch that offers two forms of nourishment: laughter and delectable food. Why we adore it: Eating is a universal necessity. It is realistic and sustainable to use it as the basis for fun if you want to continue having fun month after month.

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