We met on social media before 7 years

There are few things more beautiful and unforgettable than falling in love. It’s no surprise that so many songs, poems, and famous works of literature have attempted to capture the exhilaration and joy of first love. There are many times when it feels as if everything in the universe revolves around the idea of falling in love. It’s not always as simple as depicted in movies when it comes to online dating. You may wonder, “Why can’t I find love?” if it appears that the more you try, the further you are from establishing a long-term connection. While love may not have found you just yet, the good news is that it can and will eventually do so for a variety of different reasons. How would you describe the people you’ve dated in the past? In order to have a long-term relationship, you may subconsciously be drawn to relationships that aren’t currently available. When it comes to finding true love, it is possible that you have not yet found someone who is capable of giving you what you need and deserve. There are a lot of people out there who are looking for a one-night stand or a platonic relationship, for instance. Instead of having a long-term relationship with someone, you choose to spend your time with people who aren’t interested in one. This is an example of self-inflicted harm.

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