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We need a big heart to forgive this

Who hasn’t been harmed by another’s actions or words? Perhaps you were repeatedly chastised by your parents as a child, a coworker sabotaged a project, or your partner had an affair. Perhaps you’ve been through a horrific event, such as being physically or emotionally assaulted by a family member. These wounds can leave you feeling enraged, resentful, and even vengeful for a long time. However, if you do not practice forgiveness, you may be the one who suffers the most. You can embrace peace, optimism, thankfulness, and joy through accepting forgiveness. Consider how forgiving others can help you achieve physical, emotional, and spiritual health. To various people, forgiveness means different things. In most cases, though, it entails a decision to let go of bitterness and vengeful thoughts. Although the act that injured or offended you may remain with you forever, forgiveness can help you break free from the hold of the person who harmed you. Forgiveness can also lead to feelings of empathy, compassion, and understanding for the person who has wronged you. Forgiveness does not imply forgetting or excusing the hurt you have suffered, nor does it imply making amends with the person who caused it. Forgiveness provides a sense of calm that allows you to move on with your life.

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