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we prayed for this relationship

If you’re still committing sins, you can’t have righteousness in your relationship. As a result, cease doing them. Get rid of deception, rage, greed, envy, and other vices. Make every effort as a couple to defeat evil together. Be truthful to one another, understand one another, forgive one another, and be grateful to one another. Being a blessed pair does not imply that you are wealthy or that you have traveled the globe together. Being a truly blessed pair is gaining God’s blessing because you and your partner have a kind and compassionate heart. As a result, do good deeds and donate with a glad heart. One of your best relationship goals should be to aid the impoverished. Your relationship will not grow and prosper if there is no peace. As a result, get rid of your pride, be humble, forgive each other, and always encourage peace both inside and outside your partnership. Couples who worship the Lord together are more likely to stay together. Serving God is the only way to genuinely worship Him. As a result, dedicate your duty to the Lord as a pair. Preach and live God’s Word, assist His people, and give Him praise. Seek refuge in God when your relationship is in jeopardy, when you and your loved one are in sorrow and despair. Trust in the Lord and seek His direction. You have the best security and blessings when God is at the core of your relationship.


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