We promised noting would happen between us

They eventually became to be extremely close friends, which had its own unintended advantages. She discovered, for instance, that she could consult him for relationship guidance, and she has found his advice insightful because it comes from a trustworthy, open-minded male perspective. She claims that even though he is now married and has two young children, they are still close friends. And now that she knows him so well, she understands why she never wanted to be with him in the first place. But it’s terrible to consider how many platonic relationships likely never materialized as a result of an erroneous worldview held by a fictitious character. Fortunately, folks who have close ties with people of the other sex these days frequently disprove that adage. If you discover that you’ve been “friend zoned,” there’s no need to feel humiliated. It turns out that being in the “friend zone” is a good thing. Close, non-sexual friendships between men and women that are based on platonic connections are possible, viable, and oftentimes really wonderful. According to several people I spoke to, getting to know someone of the other sex in a situation where sexual attraction isn’t a factor is a relief rather than a stressor. She would have linked up with a man she thought attractive, but he wasn’t into her. He is still posted as her phone number. She was initially disappointed, which is normal, but she quickly moved past it after realizing that his friendship meant more to her than a brief sexual encounter.

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