We scored 100 in Amharic exam

When it comes to showing courage and strength, they look up to one other. When resources are depleted and stress levels rise, anyone can collapse. When a crisis arises, partners in successful relationships are naturally understanding and caring, but they also anticipate and rely on each other’s abilities. Even in the face of tragedy, they have the bravery to work together to overcome obstacles, confident that each member will contribute in the most effective way possible. It is expected that both will continue to exert their maximum strength, but in the event that one falters, the other will be there to support the other. After every breakup, they promise to love each other even more. The real enemies of lasting love are cynicism and predisposition to lose. They build barriers of self-defense and withholding that get thicker. Excellent couples are aware of the risks associated with failing to move past hurt and miscommunication with more clarity, wisdom, and reaffirmed commitment. With each argument that may harm their partnership, they push to repair wrongs and to learn from their mistakes. They are determined not to let the past defeat them and to approach every new encounter with a deeper knowledge. They think the other person is dedicated to giving it their all. Because one spouse believes the other isn’t making as much of an effort as they might to make things work, a great deal of close partnerships break down.

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