We surprised our fan in Britain

Each of us has passions. It’s nice to truly get into anything you like, whether it’s a TV show we can’t stop watching or an artist or band we listen to constantly. However, it’s crucial that you show respect to people who worked hard to create whatever it is that you enjoy, even if you are a great fan. Here’s how to be a good fan, including a list of bad habits to keep away from. It can be disappointing when a show’s ship you’ve been waiting to happen fizzles out, when someone disparages the band you adore, or when a celebrity you’re interested in starts dating someone. That does not give you permission to harass the creators of the show, the journalist or other artist who made the unfavorable remark, or your new partner. Just because you disagree with anything someone said, said, or did doesn’t give them the right to be bombarded with comments, called foul names, or have their private information posted online. The people who made the things you adore do not owe you anything, regardless of how much money you have spent on items, how much artwork you have produced, how far you have traveled to see someone, or how many times you have watched a show. They are not required to give you an autograph, respond to your online comment, or do anything else you ask of them. Even if you’re a big fan, this could seem disturbing, but these folks are singing because it’s what they want to do. They are not explicitly doing this for the supporters.

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