We think the baby is here finally

Preparing for labour and delivery will take up a large portion of your preparation time and involve numerous chores. It’s a good idea to take a childbirth class whether you’re a first-time parent or a seasoned pro. Learning about breathing techniques, pain management techniques, and how your body gets ready for labour through practise contractions, known as Braxton Hicks, can help you prepare for labour both physically and emotionally. Take advantage of this resource and attend childbirth classes to better understand what to expect during labour, how your healthcare professional will support you, and what happens following delivery. Making a birth plan can be a crucial part of getting ready for labour. It is helpful to have a written record of your choices and it is best to give a copy to your spouse, family, and healthcare professional even if childbirth can be unpredictable and you may need to depart from the plan. When everyone is on the same page while you’re in labour, you’ll thank yourself later. Even if it’s a simple assignment, don’t wait until the last minute to complete it! Considering that just 5% of newborns actually arrive on their due date, packing your hospital bag ahead of time just might save the day! To be sure you don’t overlook anything, utilise our helpful hospital pack checklist.

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