We threw Melat Nebiyu a baby shower party

For both men and women, Ethiopia’s marriage age is 18. Before a rule was implemented in 2000, rural girls might marry between the ages of 12 and 14, however some would wed as early as age 9. The legal drinking age in cities has always been 18. Traditionally, the family of the bride and groom arrange marriages. When a couple gets married, it’s typical for the bride’s family to present the groom’s family with gifts. Ethiopian traditions vary depending on the region. In some cultures, the bride is supposed to receive jewellery and the bridal gown from the husband. A lady is at a disadvantage if she is unable to deliver the traditional presents. She will indulge in extravagant beauty rituals during this period, including herb saunas and henna tattoos, while other women in her family and community lavishly care for and pamper her. She will be introduced to the neighbourhood and the family of her prospective husband at the conclusion of the three months. It is said that the woman’s stunning beauty is a gift. Young couples frequently move in with either the husband or the wife’s family when they first get married. During this time, the lady will receive advice on homemaking and taking care of her husband from her mother or mother-in-law, depending on where the newlyweds reside.

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