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We took the picture after a music video shot

Kidist Birhane talks about the picture she took with belay. Although using a face primer is not required, it can assist you in getting that flawless, airbrushed appearance by covering any open pores. The majority of primers also serve as a binding agent to keep your makeup on longer. You can use a standard face primer or one that has unique features like a matte finish or a redness reducer. They are available for purchase in a boutique or beauty store. Under-eye circles, blemishes, and discolorations can all be effectively concealed with concealer. Select a concealer that is similar to your foundation in color but is a shade or two lighter. Use a tapping motion to gently pat the concealer over the blemish, discoloration, or under-eye circle. You can apply it with a small brush, a makeup sponge, or even your finger. The under-eye area requires a thinner concealer than what you would use to conceal blemishes in other areas because a thicker formula will cause it to crack. Make sure to blend the concealer’s edges into your skin. Apply some translucent or powder that matches your skin tone quickly over the concealer to prevent it from cracking or creasing. A color-correcting concealer can also be used to hide some trouble spots. Here are a few advices:
Apply green concealer to red or acne-prone areas. The redness will be hidden by the green. Use a concealer with an orange or yellow undertone if you have dark circles beneath your eyes. Use some concealer with a lilac undertone if your skin tone is yellowish. The yellow will be partially neutralized by the lilac pigment.

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